Resort Room and Cabana Rates - per day


  Room Occupancy Double Triple Quad

  Waterview Cabana
$12650 $12800 N/A

  Resort Waterview $15100 $15200 N/A

  Beachfront Cabana
$13590 $13990 N/A

  Resort Suite $13600 $13800 $14000

  2-Bedroom Villa* $16,500 $16,500 $16,500

* Separate detached residences, two bedrooms with ensuite baths, kitchen, activity room - Limited availability

Please Note : Rates are subject to national 20% tax & service charge.

Children age 2-11 accompanying an adult are $500 per night additional on All Inclusive plans and only applies if sharing a room, cabana or suite with at least one adult and participating in activities. Children under age 2 accompanied by an adult that are used in activities are free.
Children may be provided by advance reservation, subject to availability and at extra charge. Pets are only allowed if used in activities and will entail additional charges. (Animals may be provided upon request at additional charge.)

All rates are subject to change and are quoted in USD$ per room per night. Resort/Hotel has certain minimum stay requirements during the year, including holidays or certain time periods dedicated to specific themes. Additional beds/futons may be requested at time of reservation, subject to availability, at the rate of US$150.00 per bed, per night.

All Inclusive room rates include rooms, room services; meals at the resort restaurant, drinks at the resort bars; most water, beach and pool activities. Special equipment, services, personnel, spa services, livestock, admittance to shows/exhibitions in the showrooms, marina/moorage & security, other personal services or gambling are not covered.

Moorage, Security and Marina Overview

Off Shore Moorage including 24 hr. marine security afloat is $200/ft in off season, $500/ft in-season, per day. Marina moorage is available for yachts up to 100 ft length at $200/ft per day; for multihulls, add 50%. Metered 110/220 Volt Power and Water on the Dock. WiFi Wireless Internet available. Pilotage may be required depending upon license and vessel. [Read more...]

Island access day rates for moorage clients not occupying resort or cabana facilities is $2000/person. Registration is required upon entry to and exit from the island daily.

Gambling, shows/exhibitions, special services, spa services, livestock, food and drink, and other amenities are extra cost items for moorage/marina guests not occupying resort or cabana facilities. Normal beach, pool or water activities are included in the day rates for moorage and marina guests.

Paradise Island is a wholly owned and operated property of White Global Enterprises.