Moorage, Security* and Marina Facilities Information

Arriving by boat

Marine vessels or watercraft are considered only as methods of transportation to or from the Island. This is not a luxury Marina. There are many fine full service marina facilities within cruising distance in the island chain for repairs, servicing or provisioning. White Paradise Island has no chandlery or marine mechanical, electronic or maintenance services available. Limited diesel fuel may be purchased in emergency situations, but fuel is not typically provided. Vessel owners are expected to plan and provide for their own services for themselves and/or their guests on their vessels. Please coordinate with our Marine Concierge after your reservations are approved if you plan on utilizing our Marina or off-shore moorage facilities.

Limited supplies of dockside fresh water and electricity can be provided at USD$5.00/gal and USD$5.00/Kw used. There is a USD$100.00 hookup charge for water, electric or both.

Pilotage: Pilotage may be required depending upon master's license and the vessel. Please inquire ahead with our Marine Concierge after your reservations and documents are approved on whether pilotage will be required. An Island *Security escort will be required whether or not pilotage is necessary.

DO NOT attempt an approach to the Island without a confirmed reservation and without contacting *Marine Security on VHF ch 69. It is considered a violation of Island law and is dealt with severely.

Each person on every vessel or watercraft is required to have full identification posted with the Reservations Office of the Island at least 48 hours prior to arriving to allow for background checks. Each person will be provided with an RFID identification tag by Marine Security which must remain on the person whenever they are not on board the vessels they are attached to or arrived on. Violation of this will be dealt with severely.

No animals, reptiles, sealife, or insects of any type are allowed to be brought onto the Island at any time without prior approval and proper quarantine. Any needed animals or other menagerie for sessions or exhibitions can be provided, when arrangements are made when applying for reservations and approvals.

*Marine Security patrols the docks, moorage areas and surrounding waters of the two Islands. One of the reasons why Paradise Island is one of the most secure areas on the globe is our Security force. They are heavily armed, highly trained and are dedicated to the security and privacy of the Island, its employees and visitors. It is strongly suggested that the Island's simple rules be followed. Reporters, journalists or photographers/videographers or paparazzi are not welcome on the Island and surrounding waters. Violators will not be returned to their country of origin.

Paradise Island is a wholly owned and operated fantasy property of White Global Enterprises.