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The White Global Enterprise property Paradise Island is a fictitious location described in a huge, weirdly twisted porn story available on this site. The stories describe the very extreme and erotic activities that take place on this fictional island. The shadowy corporation that owns this fantasy island allows, encourages and plans all kinds of sexual behaviors, shows, exhibitions and performances, almost all of which are not condoned by "normal" society and are definitely outside the bounds of most, if not all, of the laws of the rest of the world.

If you wish to read these fictional pornographic depictions of extreme sexual activities that take place between all ages, relations, genders and species of the fictional characters in a fantasy setting, then subscribe to the websites and you will have access to all of the stories that are currently available and as they are posted on the sites.

Below are listed just some of the various things that may be depicted in the stories posted on this and the other sites. If you enjoy this type of material, are 18 years of age or older and live in a jurisdiction which does not prohibit you from reading this type of material, then subscribe to the websites and you will have access to the entire series as they are posted.

Erotic Activities on Paradise Island

Virtually all erotic activities are legal on Paradise Island and everything is more or less voluntary. Various stages throughout the resort provide continuous sexual exhibitions by truly skilled sexual athletes. No gender, age, relationship or species is taboo here. Guests are invited to participate or even perform their own exhibitions. BDSM and S&M shows are very popular, as are the various bestiality performances. Age is not a bar to participation and guests can bring their own family to watch all ages perform or to even participate if they wish. Extreme watersports and scat performances are presented for those who enjoy them. Most every sexual fetish can be found or watched on the island.

There are two showrooms where special performances are put on. These vary with the theme of the day. One showroom is a very complete dungeon where BDSM and S&M scenes take place. The other can be setup for many different themes.

Guests of the island are considerably wealthy and are prepared to spend whatever is necessary to fulfill their fantasies in an exotic setting where the usual laws, morality and propriety do not apply. We think you will enjoy reading about some of these taboo and proscribed activities. If you think so, please join us on a true fantasy island - White Paradise Island.

Paradise Island is a wholly owned and operated fantasy property of White Global Enterprises, a fictional company.

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