Extreme Erotic Activities on Paradise Island

On Paradise Island , there are no laws prohibiting most any kind of sexual activity between consenting participants. This includes all genders, ages and species in any different combinations or uses.

Resort & Casino - Numerous small raised stages are scattered about the resort and casino areas where sexual exhibitions are presented. These informal shows may include various sexual couplings or solo performances of interesting object insertions, multiple penetration intercourse, bestiality in many forms, minor S/M scenes, watersports and many other fetishes. Guests are welcome to provide performances of their own or join in with other performers.

Showrooms - More formal and planned exhibitions of all types of extreme sexual fetishes are offered in the two main showrooms of the resort complex. --The dungeon typically provides extreme scenes of BDSM and S/M including piercing with various implements, fire play, suspensions, whipping and caning, pain endurance competitions, slave training sessions, etc. --The second showroom can be setup for many different scenes and contains a 'wet stage' for such things as cum and piss bukkake, golden and brown showers, extreme scat and other wet or messy play. Both showrooms are used for many other fetish acts, such as multiple and large insertions, sexual acrobatics, large group sex/gangbangs, bestiality with various species, and much more.  Showroom admittance is not included in all-inclusive room rate packages.

The white-sand beaches and lush grounds of the resort are not only for sunning or swimming, but also provide an enjoyable atmosphere for any varied sexual activities that guests wish to indulge in. Employees and members may join in any of the activities and may also organize some for guests to either watch or take part in. Younger guests and members really enjoy the fine weather and free atmosphere on the Resort grounds and beaches. Since no sexual activities are prohibited and clothing other than fetishwear is not recommended, it is not uncommon to see all kinds of sexual activity between any sexes and ages most anywhere on the grounds and beaches of the island at any time.

Private Cabins - Certain cabins have been set up with specific needs in mind, such as BDSM-S/M or watersports/scat. Any private activities in the cabins are allowed as long as they are for the most part consensual. Assistance from the staff is available and special performances may be scheduled in the cabins, all at extra charge. Animals from the barnyard/stable/zoo/aquarium areas can be arranged, also at extra charge.

Member/Employee Residence area -  Guests may be invited into this area for various opportunities and special performances by residents or employees. This includes the farm/stable/zoo/aquarium area for activities such as belly riding, dildo saddle riding, activities with dogs, pigs, goats, bulls and cows, stallions and mares, or use of snakes, mice, frogs, eels, fish, worms, insects and other expendables.

In general, most any sexual fetish activities are allowed throughout the island. If a guest does not find an exhibition or activity that they enjoy watching or participating in, they may contact island employees or residents for special requests. Our residents and employees enjoy assisting in finding and displaying new and different sexual activities and exhibitions.