An Island Paradise To The Extreme

Our island paradise is situated just a few miles from two main islands in the chain, which have easy access by air. Access to the island is strictly limited and by prior invitation and reservation only. Transportation is available by helicopter or water transport from the neighboring islands. Anchorage for private vessels is also available.

The island itself has been privately owned for generations until it was sold for development. White Global purchased it from the development company and has added numerous amenities and infrastructure. The company has taken advantage of several energy sources, utilizing wave and water power in addition to solar. All dwellings and facilities have electric power and fresh running water, as well as air conditioning. Ecological sensitivity was designed in from the beginning.[Read more...]

The weather is pleasant year round and typical average temps are 25-30 deg C/77-86 deg F most of the year during the day with night temperatures about 5 deg C/10 deg F cooler with water temperatures approximately the same. The climate is moderated by the consistent trade winds and there is little precipitation due to the low elevation, with the wettest season from September through December.

The resort hotel, located on the southern part of the island, has twenty five luxurious rooms/suites and about the same number of detached, private cabana style cabins. The cabins are isolated for privacy by foliage and contain full amenities, including air conditioning, en suite bath, kitchen area, satellite and internet. All cabins, suites and rooms are connected with wifi and fiber, supplying VOIP for voice communications , streaming video and more.

The resort casino offers unlimited stakes gaming play, with 30 gaming machines and ten table games (Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker, Craps and Roulette) available for guests. Continuous extreme erotic entertainment is provided on a number of raised stages throughout the casino and resort. Our several showrooms also provide erotic exhibitions at scheduled times throughout the day.

The northern portion of the island is used primarily for living and recreational quarters for the permanent White employees and families. There is also an area for kennels and stables, with livestock such as horses, dogs, pigs, chickens, cattle, ducks, geese and others as desired or used in the exhibitions. Resort guests are prohibited from this part of the island, unless invited by and accompanied by White employees or family.

A smaller sister island is located about one-half mile away, is more rugged and about half the size of Paradise Island. The company has a leasehold on it and it is primarily used for cultivated crops, providing fresh fruits and vegetables for Paradise Island. This smaller island is also used for employee residences. Some 'special use' facilites are located there.

There are a couple of very small reef/sand bar type islands close by, perfect for diving and sunbathing. One small one sits between the two larger islands and is dedicated to swimming, diving and sunbathing, with tables, chairs, benches and umbrellas, and a fully stocked bar. No electricity or fixed amenities are there, although it has island cell coverage. It is clothing prohibited area. Regular shuttles run all day to this small cay.

Certain people with security or law enforcement backgrounds have been certified by the island state's government and secure/protect the island itself. Surrounding waters are under radar and other types of observation and water borne crime is dealt with quite severely. Pirates give the island wide berth, since reports of what was done with early miscreants got back to their colleagues.

White's Paradise Island takes pride in being as protective of the pristine environment as possible. All toilets are composting toilets, there are no sewers; gray water drains to dry wells or is used for irrigation for crops.
Garbage is composted; non-compostables are incinerated at an island facility which also provides some electrical generation.

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